Matt Browne

Matt Browne, M.S. is a senior team leader in the information technology division of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. His areas of expertise include enterprise content management, web technologies, knowledge management, intranet search engines and collaboration software. He earned his M.S. degree in Computer Science and Computational Linguistics from the University of Kansas. He started his information technology career at Siemens in Munich as a software engineer and project manager developing natural language processing tools with a strong focus on machine translation systems.

Matt Browne is also a part-time writer and has recently published his first science fiction novel called The Future Happens Twice which is based on the concept of embryo space colonization. Key elements in the first book of his planned trilogy are the detection of Earth-like extrasolar planets, the advancement of embryo-splitting technology, artificial wombs and the cryopreservation of human embryos as well as the construction of sophisticated androids for an interstellar space mission as human survival is threatened by an impending extinction-level event. The novel will be followed by two sequels called Human Destiny and The Andromeda Encounter. Matt is a member of the Lifeboat Foundation and lives near Frankfurt, Germany. He is married and has twin children.

The Future Happens Twice

The Future Happens Twice
The Future Happens Twice

Debrya Handsen, a 33-year-old professor in computational linguistics at the University of Minnesota, is ready for a career change. She decides to leave her academic post and move to Nevada, where she joins a top-secret project that is being sponsored by the American government.

Using powerful telescopes installed on the far side of the Moon, the project's astronomers have discovered an Earth-like planet that is eighty-two light years away; simultaneously a major breakthrough in bioengineering presents the project with the unique opportunity of long-distance space travel.

At first Debrya has no idea why the study of language is to play such a central role, and why twin studies are also so important. During her orientation week she discovers a disturbing secret that makes her wish she had never joined the project. Soon she is faced with the dilemma of revealing the dark secrets of the project or being part of the most ambitious undertaking in the history of humankind.

Matt Browne's beautifully worked space epic explores the bounds of human hope and invention and plumbs the depths of human duplicity. Tender relationships between the budding astronauts are pitched against the disillusion they feel when an embattled President confronts them with their true origins and purpose, only to reveal the real culprit in the entire project - something closer to all of us today.

The author's fascination with the fields of bioengineering and information technology sustains the reader's interest all the way in this futuristic roller-coaster ride. And he asks a terrifying question. Setting aside man's inhumanity to man, what if Nature herself turns against us?

This gripping novel of epic proportions skillfully mixes elements of drama, medical thriller and science fiction. As the story unfolds, Matt Browne takes his readers on a breathtaking journey through vast stretches of time and space.

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"Anyone looking for a truly gripping and action-packed story must read the book The Future Happens Twice. It was so suspenseful, I couldn't put it down for days." -- Debra Baker

"I just wanted to compliment you on a truly amazing book. I've never been so glued to a book as this one. Not only that but I cannot wait until your next installment of this wonderful trilogy comes out! Keep up the good work and please don't have second thoughts about finishing the series! -- Malik M.