Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962)

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JourneytotheSeventhPlanet.jpgJourney to the Seventh Planet is a 1962 science fiction film. It was directed by Sid Pink, written by Pink and Ib Melchior, and shot in Denmark with a budget of only US$75,000. The seventh planet is, of course, Uranus, and a crew is being dispatched there by the United Nations on a mission of space exploration. The film's ideas of astronauts exploring outer space only to confront their inner mindscapes and memories precede the similar-themed Solaris by a full decade (Although the novel Solaris precedes this film by a year). It is also reminiscent of Ray Bradbury's 1948 short story Mars is Heaven! that appeared in the 1950 book The Martian Chronicles.


During their journey to the planet an alien presence briefly assumes control of the crew's minds. They awaken safely but notice that an unexplained long period of time has passed by. This is never clearly explained.

Upon landing on Uranus, they find a forested land oddly like our own (rather than the cold, bleak world they were expecting.) This forest is surrounded by a mysterious barrier. One of the crew pushes his arm through the barrier, only to have it frozen.

7planet-3.jpgNew features and forms begin to appear each time they are imagined by the crew. A familiar-looking village appears, complete with attractive women the various male crew members have known in the past. None of the crew really questions how these women got there. Soon, they must face a series of strange beasts including a giant bi-pedal cyclopean rodent and a lobster like insect (replaced with a stock footage tarantula in the U.S.version). The crew realizes that they have been the victims of mind control by a gigantic one-eyed brain living in a cave. There, they are confronted by the "Being," whose mysterious brain cuts to the inner thoughts of the explorers and causes their thoughts to appear as seemingly "real." The brain-Being plans to possess the astronauts' bodies and have them take it with them back to Earth where it will implement a plan for global domination. The crew gradually come to realize their peril and start to fight back against the presence, even eliciting aid from the sympathetic women. They must then confront the Being in its lair while it assaults each with monsters spawned from their fears.


John Agar as Capt. Don Graham
Carl Ottosen as Eric
Peter Monch as Karl
Ove Sprogøe as Barry O'Sullivan
Louis Miehe-Renard as Svend
Ann Smyrner as Ingrid
Greta Thyssen as Greta
Ulla Moritz as Lise
Mimi Heinrich as Ursula
Annie Birgit Garde as Ellen
Bente Juel as Colleen